in memory of

in memory of

This memorial page is dedicated in honor of all the beloved pets that have passed on and in honor of pet lovers that have passed on. If you would like to make a donation to Mountains’ Humane Society Pet Rescue in dedication to your precious pet, a loved ones pet, a friends pet or in memory of a person that  loves pets, please email the following information to a picture of the beloved pet or person, pet’s name or person’s name, date of passing, a small paragraph or comment regarding your loved one, your name, amount of donation and how the donation was made (check, PayPal, through our website, etc.)

Seth McHenry

“This donation is in honor of our amazing and animal loving son, Seth McHenry, who would stop to rescue any animal day or night.  His heart was huge.  His dog, Luna, is a rescue from a racetrack.  He stopped for a deer that was hit on Hwy. 18, picked up a fox hit by a car to get it help, and brought home a German Shepard puppy that was abandoned, which he re-homed.  He had so many talents, passions, and love of life, from his family and friends to all animals.  We miss him terribly but know he is watching down on us and we all love him so much!” – Dawn McHenry (April 3, 2022)

Anika | MHS cat

Came to us December 2020
Passed away October 28, 2021

Became a forever foster to April and was loved by all.

Sky | MHS cat

Came to us December 6, 2020
Passed away December 9, 2020

Was found on the highway hit by a car and left on someone’s driveway. MHS took her in and did everything to try and save her. Although she passed quickly, she got to feel what love is.