happy tails

happy tails

Oliver + O’Malley

DECEMBER 2021 | After 2 years of waiting, OLIVER AND O’MALLEY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! And boy did they find the perfect home! They settled in very quickly and are so happy! Their new family is so in love with them! And they have every cats dream window to watch the birds and the squirrels! Thank you Morehart family for giving these brothers a forever loving home!

Oliver + Rosie

DECEMBER 2021 | Oliver and Rosie have found their forever home together! They are inseparable as you can see! They are spoiled, happy and so loved by their new family!! Happy life sweethearts!


OCTOBER 2021 | Prince (left) has been adopted! He found the most wonderful home! He is loving life and having so much fun with his sister Maddie. So much, that he can’t keep his eyes off of her! Thank you Denzlinger Family!


OCTOBER 2021 | Billie has been adopted! Her foster parents just couldn’t stand the thought of letting her go. We know she will have a wonderful home and life! Thank you Ashworth family!


AUGUST 2021 | Ryder (right) was an owner surrender. It didn’t take him long to find his forever home. His foster parents fell in love with him really quick! He now has a sister, Stella, who he loves playing with. He also loves to cuddle with his new parents and bury himself under blankets!


MAY 2021 | Elizabeth has found her forever home! The Drozdoski’s adopted her and are in love! We know she will be spoiled!


MAY 2021 | Shorty has been adopted by the Zimniski family! You may remember back in February, he was found on someone’s deck shaking and scared. Some kind people brought him in and decided to foster him through us. A couple days later, another dog was found just houses away from where Shorty was found. They looked exactly alike! We knew that they were related.. see the story for Lucky Clover to see how this story ended!

Lucky Clover

MAY 2021 | The Krajacic family spent hours, along with our volunteers, getting this other dog to trust them and they were finally successful. They decided to keep him and they named him Lucky Clover. When we told them about Shorty and how they belonged together and should stay together, they agreed. That’s when they started asking family about adopting Shorty. And the mom Mrs. Zimniski adopted him. Now Shorty and his brother Lucky Clover will always be together!


MAY 2021 | Birdee the bloodhound has been adopted by the Bosserman family! They adopted Ellie the bloodhound from us a couple years ago. Once they heard that Birdee (orange harness) was related to Ellie they had to bring them together. Everyone is getting along great and they love Birdee! Of course Dodger (the yorkie) is the boss of them both!


MAY 2021 | Sweet little Junior (left) has found his forever home with the Nichols family! They absolutely adore him! He is settling in very well. His sister Pippa is excited to have someone to play with. He even has a cat sibling who has welcomed him. We are so happy for Junior and know that he will be loved!


APRIL 2021 | Piper found her forever home! The Lyon family, who adopted Jacks (now Maks) from us 5 months ago, saw Pipers post and fell in love. They had a meet and greet at the park and it was as if they always knew each other. Piper now has two human sisters and two furry brothers! (Finn, the beagle was so excited he wouldn’t stay still for a picture , so he’s not in it). We are so thrilled that they adopted Piper! We know that she will be loved the rest of her life! Thank you Lyon family!

Kita + Ollie

DECEMBER 2020 | Kita and Ollie were found back in October. No one ever came for them. We wanted them to stay together as they are inseparable – but two pups mean double trouble! That didn’t stop a wonderful family from falling in love with them. We are so happy to announce that Kita and Ollie have officially been adopted by the Mac Arthur family! Look at how happy they are! Thank you to this amazing family for loving them!


DECEMBER 2020 | Peppie (aka Scruffy) has found his forever home! His owner sadly passed away and he now has a new mom, Kai, who adores him! You can tell he’s already spoiled with his little jacket. Have a wonderful life Peppie!


NOVEMBER 2020 | Birdee has officially been adopted by the Dafnis Family! Birdee was found with another border collie back in June. She had to have surgery to remove a tumor which thankfully was benign. She is healthy, happy and loving life with her new family!


NOVEMBER 2020 | Everyone’s favorite dog, Jack, found his forever home with the wonderful Lyon family! He has settled in quickly and is so happy to have a beagle brother to play with! We know you will be loved Jack! Thank you Lyon family for giving him the best life!


OCTOBER 2020 | We have a foster failure! Woody (cat on top) was found in a wood pile and sadly no owner came forward. He went to a wonderful foster home. They just decided that Woody was home and is a part of the family! You scored big Woody!!


OCTOBER 2020 | The news you have all been waiting for! Remember the two Border Collies found on Waterman Canyon? Well, Ladd was one of them. Ladd went to an amazing home!!! He lives on a ranch with his new mom and his human siblings live just up the road. They all adore him so much. He is in heaven!


DECEMBER 2020 | Peppie (aka Scruffy) has found his forever home! His owner sadly passed away and he now has a new mom, Kai, who adores him! You can tell he’s already spoiled with his little jacket. Have a wonderful life Peppie!


OCTOBER 2020 | Joy was found wandering the street looking for help. She now has an amazing dad who loves her! And she never has to worry again!


OCTOBER 2020 | Tank has found his forever home. The family adores him and he follows them everywhere! I would say he’s one happy boy!


AUGUST 2020 | Tucker was found back in April. He is doing great at his new home! His family adores him.

Pumpkin + Patch

AUGUST 2020 | Pumpkin and Patch went to their new home today. The Ladnier family is amazing and so thrilled! Thank you for opening your heart and home to these two deserving cats and making them a part of your family!


AUGUST 2020 | Toby was found in the San Bernardino Mountains very dirty and matted. He has now found his forever home with his new mom Mary! Look at those happy smiles!


AUGUST 2020 | Candy’s owner passed away and she was heartbroken. Candy has now found her forever home. She is one happy girl as is her new mom!


MAY 2020 | Who can forget Skippy’s face! He was found up here in the San Bernardino Mountains and no owner was found. Skippy was adopted awhile back and we just received an update. He is so happy in his new home and his new family adores him!


MAY 2020 | Remember Spot? He was found running on the highway and no one claimed him. He has found his forever home and is doing great! He even has a brother Jack who loves him. Happy new life Spot!