happy tails

happy tails


NOVEMBER 2022 | “Sweet Minnie has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Originally we had planned to foster her to help her find a forever home (so that we could foster again) BUT after spending a few weeks with this sweetheart we knew (deep down) that we were never going to give her up (I mean, look at that face). It took a while for us to admit yet another #fosterfail! When we first got Minnie she had some separation issues, she had been through SO much. Imagine roaming the streets alone, while pregnant (and then giving birth to 8 babies, yikes), she must have been so scared. Thankfully many wonderful people helped her along the way, all leading up to us finding her through Mountain Humane Society’s Facebook post. It quickly became quite clear that as long as Minnie had her new brother Smokey by her side, she was just fine, and her separation issues started to diminish. The two of them became fast friends! We drove across the country and back this Summer with Minnie and Smokey, and she loved all of the new adventures and was a great little traveler. She’s the sweetest little girl who loves to cuddle and get affection from any human or fellow pup. Thank you to Jessica and Karin, who were both SO amazing during the entire process. They work so hard every single day to give hope to animals who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance at the good life they deserve. #adoptdontshop❤️”

Pumpkin & Kiwi

NOVEMBER 2022 | “Pumpkin and Kiwi came to my house together as fosters and we’re so happy that they’re going to stay together! We immediately noticed they were best friends and found comfort in each other. We fell in love with them within the first week. They’re so silly and loving and we simply couldn’t help it! Our resident cat loves playing with them, snuggling, and just watching “Cat TV” together. The fact that they got along so well so quickly helped us decide to adopt them. Working with Mountains Humane Society was so easy and stress free. Any questions I had, I could ask and got tons of help and support. We’re so excited to raise these little beauties and we are eternally grateful to MHS.”


OCTOBER 2022 | “When Chandler entered my life I wasn’t looking to adopt, I just wanted to foster. He was both a very sweet kitty and at other times quite aggressive. With some time and patience to learn what Chandler really needed, he has become a more calm and affectionate companion. I just couldn’t give him away. Thank you to Karin and Jessica for supporting us in this process and saving another precious life.”


OCTOBER 2022 | “We were so excited when we found out that we got the opportunity to adopt Charlie. He was very quiet at first but now that he’s been with us for almost a month he’s so happy and playful. Now he’s playing with his fur brother Oliver and playing with toys too. He’s doing great with his potty training as well. Prayers that his growth which turned out to be a Melanoma is benign. Thanks to Mountains Humane Society Pet rescue for all you’ve done for Charlie and for all donations towards his medical treatment. We are truly blessed to have this little bundle of joy in our lives.”

Alizee & Trina

AUGUST2022 | “These two girls are AMAZING! I can’t imagine how anyone would be able to part with them. They are the most well behaved dogs and so sweet and loving. They make us laugh. Every day we find new things about them that amaze us. We could not feel more fortunate then to have these two little girls in our lives. Thank you!”


AUGUST 2022 | “We’ve wanted a dog for years, and when we moved into a new space that allowed us to have one, we began looking each and everyday for the newest member of our family. When we saw Sassy we were excited, but when we met her we fell in love. She’s the silliest, sweetest, smartest, and sassiest companion we could’ve ever wanted. She fit into our family instantly and we cannot imagine life without her! The Mountain’s Humane Society were incredibly communicative and available for all of our questions. They helped make this a perfect process and we couldn’t be happier.”


JULY 2022 | “Willow has acclimated nicely to her new home! She loves playing with Jesse, our six year old Cheagle. She definitely tires him out! She has so much fun on our daily walks at Lake Gregory. My son absolutely loves having two dogs to love on! Willow is the perfect addition to our family.” 


JULY 2022 | “Mark and I are so thankful and feel so blessed to have been able to welcome Teddy into our home. Our sunshine boy is such a joy and is quite the smart, happy and people pleasing pooch. He never misses a meal and is the first one to the crate for a bonesy. He loves his grumpy aunties Roo, Mandy and Kali. They love him too but more so when he’s sleeping. He is best friends and partner in crime with his big brother Shooter. We have a busy, fun and full household of rescues. Thanks so much MHS for our baby boy, Teddy Bearsville Lovin’.”


JUNE 2022 | “Ruby has adapted well into our family. She loves going on walks, rides in the car and playing ball and Frisbee. We’re still working on a solution for her itching issue, but I’m sure we will get it under control. She has had her good and bad moments, but with some more training I’m sure Ruby will become a dog we can take everywhere and trust in public even with aggressive dogs. We want to thank Mountain Humane Society and to assure Ruby’s original owner Brianna that she has found her forever home.”


APRIL 2022 | “Our fun-loving little Pixie has been such a beautiful addition to our family. We love and adore her so much! She loves to cuddle with us and is always excited to see us. When we got her, she quickly adapted to our household with ease. She LOVES to play with her ball and is hilariously running around the house after baths. We’re so grateful to have her and look forward to many more years of fun with her!”


APRIL 2022 | “Mark and I are so thankful and feel so blessed to have been able to welcome Teddy into our home. Our sunshine boy is such a joy and is quite the smart, happy and people pleasing pooch. He never misses a meal and is the first one to the crate for a bonesy. He loves his grumpy aunties Roo, Mandy and Kali. They love him too but more so when he’s sleeping. He is best friends and partner in crime with his big brother Shooter. We have a busy, fun and full household of rescues. Thanks so much MHS for our baby boy, Teddy Bearsville Lovin’.”


APRIL 2022 | “She has been an amazing family member. Her training is going very well. She absolutely loves playing with the cats and her newest brother Rusty which is a Red Healer Cattle Dog.”


APRIL 2022 | “She is doing wonderful, Super cute. Definitely a puppy, but moose is handling her very well it was a lot of patience. She is hilarious, and very agile/quick. She’s opening up more to others and starting to play more with other dogs at daycare. She loves paper and squeaky toys! Moose is still trying to figure out all the noise … lol. Here is her graduation picture from puppy school.”


MARCH 2022 | Hermione loves to play hard and cuddle harder. She is on a one-dog campaign to get everyone—dog, cat and human alike—to dog-pile with her. When she succeeds she sleeps with the biggest grin on her sweet face.  She loves everyone in our home and we love having Hermione as part of our family!”


MARCH 2022 | Thank you MHS- Jessica, Karin and her foster mom Alex. “Molly” came to us in January 2022. I was looking for a companion for my 8yr old Husky, ‘Thoven (Beethoven). 

Rock-It is her new name, and it fits her! She’s a Husky, G.S., Cattle Dog mix and is very active! There have been some challenges, but she’s a smart, affectionate girl, and has brought a lot of joy to our family!”


MARCH 2022 | She’s doing great! We changed her name to Flurry (kinda the same, lol) she loves her big brother Wiley & us, but she’s a little timid with new people. She absolutely loves going on adventures, we recently went on a 9 day road trip up the coast to Yosemite, she did amazing she fits right in & made our little family complete!”


MARCH 2022 | Rebel is the perfect addition to our family! She is a total cuddle bug and she is always smiling. She and her fur sister Ahsoka have become inseparable! We just love her!”

Will & Grace

MARCH 2022 | “Will and Grace have both been to the Vet and are up to date on their shots now. Will had his teeth cleaned and he had 3 teeth removed last week. Grace is scheduled to have her teeth cleaned this Friday.  They seem to have acclimated very well. They have the run of the house, and they know it.”


MARCH 2022 | “Poser came into our pack as the “grump old man” who serves as one of the best guard dogs of the household of senior dogs. Poser loves to follow me around and sleep next to me on the bed. 

He especially loves Car rides! For his age, he is an agile and playful guy when you catch him at the right moment. Poser also likes to look at himself in the mirror and paw at it. 

Overall, he fits in nicely with the senior pack of seven. I wish he could tell me about his past life to help me understand all his little quirks. He can be sweet when he wants to and will follow me around anywhere I go.” 

Cupcake (aka Missy)

MARCH 2022 | “Missy is now “Cupcake”- we often call her cuppy or cuppers. Our 4 year old named her. It works out well as our other cat is named Oreo. They look like opposites of each other. 

Cuppy sleeps more than any cat we’ve ever had! She loves to chase her toy mice and is getting used to her fur-bro Moe Moe and fur-sis Oreo. She sleeps with our youngest daughter every night, on her bed.  

Cuppers loves men! She instantly loves guys, with girls it takes her a little longer.  She loves treats and often sleeps in hilarious positions. Her new favorite thing is my daughter’s fort/tent. She’s been a nice addition to our family.”

Oliver + O’Malley

DECEMBER 2021 | After 2 years of waiting, OLIVER AND O’MALLEY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! And boy did they find the perfect home! They settled in very quickly and are so happy! Their new family is so in love with them! And they have every cats dream window to watch the birds and the squirrels! Thank you Morehart family for giving these brothers a forever loving home!

Oliver + Rosie

DECEMBER 2021 | Oliver and Rosie have found their forever home together! They are inseparable as you can see! They are spoiled, happy and so loved by their new family!! Happy life sweethearts!


OCTOBER 2021 | Prince (left) has been adopted! He found the most wonderful home! He is loving life and having so much fun with his sister Maddie. So much, that he can’t keep his eyes off of her! Thank you Denzlinger Family!


OCTOBER 2021 | Billie has been adopted! Her foster parents just couldn’t stand the thought of letting her go. We know she will have a wonderful home and life! Thank you Ashworth family!


AUGUST 2021 | Ryder (right) was an owner surrender. It didn’t take him long to find his forever home. His foster parents fell in love with him really quick! He now has a sister, Stella, who he loves playing with. He also loves to cuddle with his new parents and bury himself under blankets!


MAY 2021 | Elizabeth has found her forever home! The Drozdoski’s adopted her and are in love! We know she will be spoiled!


MAY 2021 | Shorty has been adopted by the Zimniski family! You may remember back in February, he was found on someone’s deck shaking and scared. Some kind people brought him in and decided to foster him through us. A couple days later, another dog was found just houses away from where Shorty was found. They looked exactly alike! We knew that they were related.. see the story for Lucky Clover to see how this story ended!

Lucky Clover

MAY 2021 | The Krajacic family spent hours, along with our volunteers, getting this other dog to trust them and they were finally successful. They decided to keep him and they named him Lucky Clover. When we told them about Shorty and how they belonged together and should stay together, they agreed. That’s when they started asking family about adopting Shorty. And the mom Mrs. Zimniski adopted him. Now Shorty and his brother Lucky Clover will always be together!


MAY 2021 | Birdee the bloodhound has been adopted by the Bosserman family! They adopted Ellie the bloodhound from us a couple years ago. Once they heard that Birdee (orange harness) was related to Ellie they had to bring them together. Everyone is getting along great and they love Birdee! Of course Dodger (the yorkie) is the boss of them both!


MAY 2021 | Sweet little Junior (left) has found his forever home with the Nichols family! They absolutely adore him! He is settling in very well. His sister Pippa is excited to have someone to play with. He even has a cat sibling who has welcomed him. We are so happy for Junior and know that he will be loved!


APRIL 2021 | Piper found her forever home! The Lyon family, who adopted Jacks (now Maks) from us 5 months ago, saw Pipers post and fell in love. They had a meet and greet at the park and it was as if they always knew each other. Piper now has two human sisters and two furry brothers! (Finn, the beagle was so excited he wouldn’t stay still for a picture , so he’s not in it). We are so thrilled that they adopted Piper! We know that she will be loved the rest of her life! Thank you Lyon family!

Kita + Ollie

DECEMBER 2020 | Kita and Ollie were found back in October. No one ever came for them. We wanted them to stay together as they are inseparable – but two pups mean double trouble! That didn’t stop a wonderful family from falling in love with them. We are so happy to announce that Kita and Ollie have officially been adopted by the Mac Arthur family! Look at how happy they are! Thank you to this amazing family for loving them!


DECEMBER 2020 | Peppie (aka Scruffy) has found his forever home! His owner sadly passed away and he now has a new mom, Kai, who adores him! You can tell he’s already spoiled with his little jacket. Have a wonderful life Peppie!


NOVEMBER 2020 | Birdee has officially been adopted by the Dafnis Family! Birdee was found with another border collie back in June. She had to have surgery to remove a tumor which thankfully was benign. She is healthy, happy and loving life with her new family!


NOVEMBER 2020 | Everyone’s favorite dog, Jack, found his forever home with the wonderful Lyon family! He has settled in quickly and is so happy to have a beagle brother to play with! We know you will be loved Jack! Thank you Lyon family for giving him the best life!


OCTOBER 2020 | We have a foster failure! Woody (cat on top) was found in a wood pile and sadly no owner came forward. He went to a wonderful foster home. They just decided that Woody was home and is a part of the family! You scored big Woody!!


OCTOBER 2020 | The news you have all been waiting for! Remember the two Border Collies found on Waterman Canyon? Well, Ladd was one of them. Ladd went to an amazing home!!! He lives on a ranch with his new mom and his human siblings live just up the road. They all adore him so much. He is in heaven!


DECEMBER 2020 | Peppie (aka Scruffy) has found his forever home! His owner sadly passed away and he now has a new mom, Kai, who adores him! You can tell he’s already spoiled with his little jacket. Have a wonderful life Peppie!


OCTOBER 2020 | Joy was found wandering the street looking for help. She now has an amazing dad who loves her! And she never has to worry again!


OCTOBER 2020 | Tank has found his forever home. The family adores him and he follows them everywhere! I would say he’s one happy boy!


AUGUST 2020 | Tucker was found back in April. He is doing great at his new home! His family adores him.

Pumpkin + Patch

AUGUST 2020 | Pumpkin and Patch went to their new home today. The Ladnier family is amazing and so thrilled! Thank you for opening your heart and home to these two deserving cats and making them a part of your family!


AUGUST 2020 | Toby was found in the San Bernardino Mountains very dirty and matted. He has now found his forever home with his new mom Mary! Look at those happy smiles!


AUGUST 2020 | Candy’s owner passed away and she was heartbroken. Candy has now found her forever home. She is one happy girl as is her new mom!


MAY 2020 | Who can forget Skippy’s face! He was found up here in the San Bernardino Mountains and no owner was found. Skippy was adopted awhile back and we just received an update. He is so happy in his new home and his new family adores him!


MAY 2020 | Remember Spot? He was found running on the highway and no one claimed him. He has found his forever home and is doing great! He even has a brother Jack who loves him. Happy new life Spot!