Thank you for your interest in fostering for Mountains’ Humane Society Pet Rescue. 

Fostering saves lives and is an important role in rescuing! In order for Mountains’ Humane Society Pet Rescue to help as many animals as possible, we need foster homes. MHS believes in cage free foster homes where each animal can be in a home environment and where the foster family gets to know their personalities and every detail. Fostering is also very rewarding. When you commit to being a foster we provide everything that is needed for that animal while in your care. For instance, food, all medical, toys, etc. Anything that will help you and your foster animal. While we don’t know how long a foster animal will be with you, we do our best to network for the right forever home for that animal. Please consider fostering for us today!

“Extremely rewarding”

 Fostering for MHS has been an extremely rewarding experience. They cover all the associated costs and are always there to answer any questions you may have. Our mountain community desperately needs more fosters, and I would encourage anyone who is considering it to take the leap. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a pet you’ve opened your home to, but MHS thoroughly vets each adoption applicant, so you know they’re going to a fantastic forever home. Fostering with MHS ultimately led us to adopt our dog, Ryder, who we love so much! – Kelsey

“Wildly supportive”

 Let me start by saying fostering through MHS has been an incredible, positive experience.  Jessica and Karin are wildly supportive. They coached me through the delivery of 8 marvelous little pups and also the aftercare Minnie (momma dog) needed.  We have worked collaboratively for several months now, ensuring that Minnie and her babies are safe, well cared for, well fed and happy. MHS has covered all foster related costs, even going so far as to have a family member bring over donated blankets. The MHS team is knowledgeable, friendly, collaborative and (most importantly) completely focused on the wellbeing of the animals they support.  While I don’t think I want to experience puppy birthing again, I absolutely could see myself fostering again with MHS in the future. – Alex

“Best thing I’ve ever done”

 Becoming an animal foster was the best thing I’ve ever done. Being a foster means you get to show a sad and scared animal what love, compassion, trust and safety really is before their forever family finds them. It’s a decision you’ll never regret. –Tiffany

“Attentive, communicative, resourceful”

I originally intended to be a long-term foster for Mountains Humane Society, but that idea went out the window when we brought home our first foster (and now foster-fail) Billie. She immediately clicked with our family (with two senior boy kitty brothers), being the sweet, adventurous young lady that she is. Jessica and Karin from Mountains Humane Society were attentive, communicative and resourceful throughout the process. Billie is now in her forever home, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Mountains Humane Society and all the great work they do! –Kristen

“Truly cares”

The Mountains’ Humane Society truly cares about the welfare of animals on the mountain and has done so much to save so many lives. With their help, I was able to pull a local dog out from the shelter, get him back to tip-top health, and provide him a loving home until he finds his forever family! With all the support MHS provided, we were able to get him training tools like a kennel, gentle lead collar, and toys to help keep him better behaved, exercised, and happy! -Layla

“Highly recommend”

Fostering with Mountains Humane Society has been a wonderful experience. Not only does my heart feel better for helping these sweet, loving animals, but the people involved in mountains humane are amazing. The woman who dropped off the fosters with us on day one was sweet and kind, the people throughout the application process were patient and helpful, and Jessica is, without a doubt, one of the biggest advocates for animal welfare I’ve ever seen. On social media her comments are helpful and loving, and every step of our fostering way she has been there to give us tips, advice, and help in whatever way is needed. I highly recommend fostering with MHS. –Heather