We need your help! With your donations, we can continue saving animals and helping our community. We don’t receive any federal, state or county funding – we depend on individual donations. Without donations, we could not assist our community with the much needed help, or save these innocent animals that are thrown away by no fault of their own. With your help, we will never give up on any animal and they will always get a second chance. Donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for your continued support!

You can donate two ways:

1) Mail a check written out to Mountains’ Humane Society, PO Box 452, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

2) Online payment through PayPal by clicking the PayPal logo below:

* Please note that we are not a part of Humane Society of the United States or any National Humane Society. So when you write a check to these separate Humane Societies there is no funding that is distributed to other Humane Societies. We recommend to donate to your local Humane Society or Rescue in order to make a difference in your community.