courtesy posts

Courtesy post animals are NOT Mountains’ Humane Society animals. Mountains’ Humane Society is not liable for anything that may occur from the adoption of a courtesy post animal. The adoptions that come from courtesy posts are between the owner and adopter. Mountains’ Humane Society is not responsible for spay/neuter, any and all medical, behavior issues, etc. Mountains’ Humane Society accepts no liability, financial or legal responsibility for courtesy post animals. It is the adopters obligation to discuss the animals temperament and health with the owner. 

A courtesy post is a way that we assist people in our community that need to re-home their animal. We will also try to help by networking to other rescues and give the owner places to contact as well. In order for us to courtesy post a pet we MUST have the following:

  • Four or more good clear pictures (body shot, front view, face, etc.)
  • Video of animal proving that they get along with other animals. If re-homing a dog, we need video with another dog that doesn’t live in the same house.
  • All information on animal (name, age, weight, if spayed/neutered, if vaccinated, if good with other animals, if good with kids, if house trained, etc.)
  • Bio of animals personality 
  • Name of owner and contact phone number
  • What kind of home do you want for your animal (fenced yard, no kids, a quiet home, active home, no other animals, etc.)
  • Any bad behaviors or warnings.

Along with posting your animal here, we will also post on our Facebook page and we may choose to post your pet on Petfinder and Adopt A Pet. We may offer you the choice for any potential adopters to fill out a courtesy post application and screen them for you to help you ensure that your pet goes to a safe loving home. There is no cost to you, but donations are always welcome. 

It is the adopter’s responsibility to ask owner any questions and information regarding the animal. It is also the adopter’s responsibility to get any medical records from owner. 

We highly recommend that the owner write up a basic contract between owner and new adoptive owner regarding the adoption. Basically just stating that you are adopting said animal to name of new adopter, date, description of animal and that if new adopter can no longer keep animal, they must return them to you and signature of new adopter. 

*** We do not support breeding and will not courtesy post breeders. We do not allow the sale or the exchange of any money for any of the courtesy posting animals. Please do not give owner any money for the adoption of a courtesy post animal, it is illegal without a license to sell an animal. 

If you have found our services to be of assistance, please donate to Mountains’ Humane Society.

Shadow, Pathfinder, Squirt, + Sideways

These kitties are all 10 months old, spayed / neutered, up-to-date on shots, litter box trained and have tested negative for leukemia.

Shadow is a sweet little girl. She is shy but very sweet. She likes to talk some when she is in the mood. She also has a little girly swish when she is in a playful mood.

Pathfinder is a handsome fellow. He is very sweet and always looking for adventure. He loves attention and is playful.

Squirt is a gorgeous guy. He is sweet, sensitive, playful and loves attention.

Sideways is a stunning fluff ball. He is sweet, playful, talkative and demands attention. He also is a thinker.


Just look at that sweet face, who can resist this beautiful girl! Iris is about 3 years old, 50 lbs., spayed, up to date on shots and house trained. She is good with other dogs, but barks at them along the fence. When out walking on a leash she is fine with the other dogs. She doesn’t do well with cats. She also likes to bark at people she sees out the window.

She is a goofy girl, very loving and sweet. She has separation anxiety so needs a committed home with someone patient who is willing to work with her on training. Someone who is home a lot or works from home. She also will need a very secure yard that she can’t get out of. An active home is best because she loves walks/hikes.

She is being crate trained and is doing very well. Because of her anxiety she has gotten into things around the house. She is happiest when she is around her person and can see them.

She has been given up on one too many times and deserves a forever home that will help her learn and feel safe. She may need some work but the results + her love will be so rewarding.