courtesy posts

Courtesy post animals are NOT Mountains’ Humane Society animals. Mountains’ Humane Society is not liable for anything that may occur from the adoption of a courtesy post animal. The adoptions that come from courtesy posts are between the owner and adopter. Mountains’ Humane Society is not responsible for spay/neuter, any and all medical, behavior issues, etc. Mountains’ Humane Society accepts no liability, financial or legal responsibility for courtesy post animals. It is the adopters obligation to discuss the animals temperament and health with the owner. 

A courtesy post is a way that we assist people in our community that need to re-home their animal. We will also try to help by networking to other rescues and give the owner places to contact as well. In order for us to courtesy post a pet we MUST have the following:

  • Four or more good clear pictures (body shot, front view, face, etc.)
  • Video of animal proving that they get along with other animals. If re-homing a dog, we need video with another dog that doesn’t live in the same house.
  • All information on animal (name, age, weight, if spayed/neutered, if vaccinated, if good with other animals, if good with kids, if house trained, etc.)
  • Bio of animals personality 
  • Name of owner and contact phone number
  • What kind of home do you want for your animal (fenced yard, no kids, a quiet home, active home, no other animals, etc.)
  • Any bad behaviors or warnings.

Along with posting your animal here, we will also post on our Facebook page and we may choose to post your pet on Petfinder and Adopt A Pet. We may offer you the choice for any potential adopters to fill out a courtesy post application and screen them for you to help you ensure that your pet goes to a safe loving home. There is no cost to you, but donations are always welcome. 

It is the adopter’s responsibility to ask owner any questions and information regarding the animal. It is also the adopter’s responsibility to get any medical records from owner. 

We highly recommend that the owner write up a basic contract between owner and new adoptive owner regarding the adoption. Basically just stating that you are adopting said animal to name of new adopter, date, description of animal and that if new adopter can no longer keep animal, they must return them to you and signature of new adopter. 

*** We do not support breeding and will not courtesy post breeders. We do not allow the sale or the exchange of any money for any of the courtesy posting animals. Please do not give owner any money for the adoption of a courtesy post animal, it is illegal without a license to sell an animal. 

If you have found our services to be of assistance, please donate to Mountains’ Humane Society.


Just look at those ears!! 😍This is Bailey, her owner is not home much due to work and wants the best for Bailey. They can’t give her the attention she deserves and needs so asked us to help find her a home!

Bailey is a 10 month old German Shepherd, weighs 65lbs., is spayed, up to date on vaccines and is house trained. Owner says she is good with other dogs, cats and kids.

Like any puppy, Bailey is playful and full of energy. She is very sweet and loves attention. She needs someone experienced with the breed and who can help train her and spend time with her. Her favorite game is keep away! A secure fenced in yard is needed too so she can run around!

If you are interested in giving Bailey a forever home please fill out our Courtesy Post K9 Adoption Application


This beauty is looking for a new home! Mabels owners are devastated to have to rehome her, but Mabel is showing signs of jealousy and stalking with their 10 month old baby and has tried nipping at her when they pick her up.

They have been working with a trainer but feel it is safest to rehome her to a home with no children. She is not a bad dog, she just needs a specific kind of home.

Mabel is a working dog and needs an active experienced shepherd owner who will work her and give her the exercise and structure she needs to live a happy life. A secure fenced yard is a must also.

Mabel is 3 years old, weighs 70lbs., is spayed, vaccinated and house trained. She is good with other dogs but prefers people. No cats as she has a high prey drive.

She is cuddly, sweet, playful, energetic and very smart! She walks great on a leash and gets so excited when you get the leash out and will vocalize to let you know she is happy! She travels well and is good on the patio at restaurants.


Piglet was seen being dumped from a car on hwy. 138 back in October 2021. She weighed 35 lbs., had cuts and bruises all over her and a eye and ear infection. Her rescuers took her in and did an amazing job getting her healthy, vaccinated and spayed. She was so skinny when she was found, now look at her!!

Unfortunately they cannot keep her as their other dog is not happy.

Piglet is a pit mix, she is around 1 1/2 years old, weighs 73 lbs. and is house trained. Her rescuers have been working with her and she knows sit, stay and lay down. She still needs some leash training but is very smart and eager to please. She has only had one interaction with another dog but not enough to say whether she is good with them or not. Her ideal home would be animal free where it can be all about her.

Piglet loves attention and will lick you forever if you allow it! She also LOVES her toys.

We don’t know Piglets past but we do know she was traumatized! She is attached to everyone in the household so is protective. She can be snippy with male men that she doesn’t know at first , but with patience, time and love she does learn to trust. An experienced home willing to work with her would be best. Although she is good with kids, a home without would probably be better. She has so much love to give!



This handsome guy was found months ago and no owner has come forward. The kind lady who has been caring for him would like to find him a home so she has asked for our help. She has been calling him Taffy.

We don’t know his age, but he seems young maybe 1-3 years old. He is not neutered yet, so that would be a requirement for the adopter to get done. We can help with a donation and information for other organizations that also donate.

Taffy is a chatty and affectionate cat! He’s often underfoot because he likes to follow you around because he’s a curious kitty. He likes to be included, whether that be rubbing his face on you, or watching you from a perch. He knows his boundaries well and will tell you when he’s done being pet, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hang out! Forehead scratches are his favorite and he loves making biscuits-especially when he’s drinking water!

If you are interested in adopting Taffy, please fill out our courtesy post feline adoption application from our website.