Courtesy Post Feline Adoption Application

Please be sure that all questions are answered or your application may not be approved. If a question is not applicable, please put NA. 

You will be contacted within 2 weeks if you are being considered for the animal you are applying for.

*By filling out this application, you understand that this is a courtesy post animal. This is not a Mountains’ Humane Society animal. Mountains’ Humane Society’s only role with a courtesy post animal is to help the owner screen and approve applicants to ensure they go to a safe home. Mountains’ Humane Society is not liable for anything that may occur from the adoption of this animal. The owner of the animal is responsible for everything. Before adopting a courtesy post animal, please be sure to ask the owner any questions and information you would like to know. Including if they are spayed/neutered, have current shots, any medical issues, behavior problems, etc. Please do not give owner any money for this animal.