adoptable dogs


If you love hiking, cuddling, and tennis balls then Ozzy is your guy! This handsome boy is a 5 year old black lab mix and is 65 lbs. of pure love! He is such a wonderful dog and very energetic! He loves to play fetch with his ball, loves hiking, is great with other dogs, is good with kids and likes to go in the car. We are not sure how he is with cats.

Ozzy’s ideal home would be with an active person who will take him on walks/hikes for exercise and someone who works from home or is not gone a lot as he is happiest when around his people! Ozzy would also love to have a dog sibling around to play with and keep him company. He would not do well as an apartment dog and needs a house with a secure fenced in yard. He loves to cuddle and be by his people, so you must be okay with doggy snuggles!

Ozzy has some separation anxiety but has been crate trained and has been doing much better. He will run if given the chance so extra precautions should be taken. He will need to adjust to a new home but he is very smart!

If you are interested in adopting Ozzy please fill out our MHS K9 Adoption Application.


Look at this beautiful girl! Minnie is absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest most amazing dog! She is a 2 year old, 52 lb. Cattle Dog. If you like to cuddle, Minnie is your girl – she is very affectionate and loves to crawl up on your lap. She likes to know where her human is so will follow you around. She is calm and quiet inside the house but loves to play with her toys. We don’t know how she is with cats, but she’s good with other calm dogs. She is very mouthy and loud when playing with other dogs, which could make someone think she’s aggressive, but she’s not at all. She just loves to play!

She is very smart and learns commands quickly. She is also great in the car and loves going for car rides. Minnie has a sneaky side to her, so if you are paying attention she will grab things off the kitchen counter or get in the trash. She will also grab a shoe or something that’s not hers to play with and has chewed them up too. But how can you get upset with that beautiful sweet face!

She is shy around some new men, but warms up fairly quickly. She is also afraid of loud noises and will go running to the nearest door if she nears one. She needs a very secure fenced in yard to play in. Minnie has some separation anxiety, but with time and patience can overcome her fear. She will need some leash training as she’s very strong and barks at other dogs walking by. We believe this is a leash thing as she is good with other dogs off leash.

Minnie would do best in a home that is experienced with her breed and someone who is home a lot as she likes to be with her human. She needs someone who is able to take her on walks/hikes as she loves adventures. Also someone who will work with her and be patient and help her trust. Minnie has energy, but she is also content going a day just relaxing on the couch. As long as she has company, she’s a happy girl!


If you love senior dogs then Sage is your girl! This gentle soul is 8 years old. She was found outside wandering for weeks and no owner was found. She is so sweet! She loves attention, playing, relaxing, and cuddles. She is always very goofy!

She enjoys going on short walks, but is not comfortable enough yet to potty while out on a leash. She prefers to potty in a yard, so a secure fenced yard is a must! She is house trained, but needs time to adjust to a new environment.

Sage is good with kids, but will run out the door if given the chance. Being older she prefers a quieter home. She is good with other mellow dogs and shy’s away from more energetic dogs. Proper introduction is important.

Sage has bad separation anxiety when we first brought her into the rescue. Her amazing fosters have been working a lot with her and she is doing great now! They figured out it was the crate giving her the anxiety. She just needs time to adjust to a new home.


This little angel is looking for her forever home. Willow is a 1 year old Chihuahua and weighs 11 lbs.

She enjoys following you around and laying in the sun spots. She loves to go on walks and is good on a leash. She has had an occasional potty accident in the house, but she is very smart and learns quickly. She learned her name and “sit” in a couple days!

Willow is great with other dogs and loves to play! She would enjoy having a fur brother or sister. Her favorite toys are fuzzy squeaky ones. She is very affectionate and likes to be picked up.

She has a silly side and is always making her fosters laugh! They said she often stands up like a meerkat and curls up for a nap in unusual places.

Alizee and Trina

Alizee and Trina are looking for a forever home together. Sadly their owner passed away. We cannot separate them as they have always been with each other. These darling girls are 6 year old Shih Tzu / Havanese mixes and are as cute as they get! They are house trained and good with other dogs. We don’t know how they are with cats or kids.

They are both very sweet natured, they love long walks and running around to play. They like eating sticks so you have to keep an eye on these two! They love to snuggle and lay in your lap. Alizee can be possessive with other dogs when she is laying near you, but that’s only because she wants the attention. She has never bitten another dog. They do bark if they hear close noises, but they are just being good guard dogs. They also enjoy quiet time and sleeping.

Keep in mind that they have long hair so will need to be groomed regularly.