adoptable dogs


If you love hiking, cuddling, and tennis balls then Ozzy is your guy! This handsome boy is a 6 year old black lab mix and is 65 lbs. of pure love! He is such a wonderful dog and very energetic! He loves to play fetch with his ball, loves hiking, is great with other dogs, is good with kids and likes to go in the car. We are not sure how he is with cats.

Ozzy’s ideal home would be with an active person who will take him on walks/hikes for exercise and someone who works from home or is not gone a lot as he is happiest when around his people! Ozzy would also love to have a dog sibling around to play with and keep him company. He would not do well as an apartment dog and needs a house with a secure fenced in yard. He loves to cuddle and be by his people, so you must be okay with doggy snuggles!

Ozzy has some separation anxiety but has been crate trained and has been doing much better. He will run if given the chance so extra precautions should be taken. He will need to adjust to a new home but he is very smart!

If you are interested in adopting Ozzy please fill out our MHS K9 Adoption Application.


Look at this beautiful girl! Minnie is absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest most amazing dog! She is a 2 year old, 52 lb. Cattle Dog. If you like to cuddle, Minnie is your girl – she is very affectionate and loves to crawl up on your lap. She likes to know where her human is so will follow you around. She is calm and quiet inside the house but loves to play with her toys. We don’t know how she is with cats, but she’s good with other calm dogs. She is very mouthy and loud when playing with other dogs, which could make someone think she’s aggressive, but she’s not at all. She just loves to play!

She is very smart and learns commands quickly. She is also great in the car and loves going for car rides. Minnie has a sneaky side to her, so if you are paying attention she will grab things off the kitchen counter or get in the trash. She will also grab a shoe or something that’s not hers to play with and has chewed them up too. But how can you get upset with that beautiful sweet face!

She is shy around some new men, but warms up fairly quickly. She is also afraid of loud noises and will go running to the nearest door if she nears one. She needs a very secure fenced in yard to play in. Minnie has some separation anxiety, but with time and patience can overcome her fear. She will need some leash training as she’s very strong and barks at other dogs walking by. We believe this is a leash thing as she is good with other dogs off leash.

Minnie would do best in a home that is experienced with her breed and someone who is home a lot as she likes to be with her human. She needs someone who is able to take her on walks/hikes as she loves adventures. Also someone who will work with her and be patient and help her trust. Minnie has energy, but she is also content going a day just relaxing on the couch. As long as she has company, she’s a happy girl!

Charlie + Gidget

Charlie and Gidget are looking for their forever home together! Sadly their owner passed away and there is no family that can care for them.

Charlie is 12 years old, neutered and weighs 11 lbs. He is believed to be a Pembroke/Chihuahua mix. He is the sweetest little cuddle bug. He is a happy, sensitive, lap loving boy. All he wants is your love, affection, to hang out with Gidget and eat doggie treats. He enjoys playing with his soft toys and keeping them gathered in a tidy pile.

Gidget is a 9 ½ year old terrier mix, spayed and weighs in at a tiny 7.5 lbs. Gidget is missing her right front leg due to an accident when she was only a few weeks old. She gets around very well and can climb stairs and slopes just fine, but needs assistance going down some staircases and on steep downhill slopes as it is hard on her back. She will also need assistance to climb up into your lap or sit beside you, which are her happiest spots. She is curious, peppy, lovable and charming. One more thing, when Gidget looks in the mirror she sees a Great Dane!

Charlie and Gidget are cuddle buddies and are inseparable. They are both lap dogs and don’t mind sharing a single lap. They eat together, play together, sleep together and they must stay together as a bonded pair. They are both house trained and will let you know when they need to go out. They are also trained to go on pee pads. They get along well with other small gentle dogs but neither of them has ever met a cat. They both enjoy short walks. Charlie keeps a watchful eye on Gidget and will not go back inside the house without her. They love their doggie beds and fuzzy blankets and lie in them wherever you place them as long as they are together. They will alert you of potential danger with a couple barks but will quiet instantly with a gentle hush. These pups merrily greet you when you come home and will be the perfect companions to someone who needs them as much as they need you.


Just look at this scrumptious face!!

Crunch is looking for a new home. Due to life changes, sadly the owner cannot give Crunch the attention he needs and deserves and has asked us to bring him into our rescue to find him a wonderful home!

Crunch is a 60 lb. 5 year old Bulldog, is vaccinated, neutered, crate trained and house trained. Although he is good with other dogs, he needs a home without other animals because of some anxiety he has. He scares easily and gets nervous of loud noises including other dogs barking. When he gets nervous he will start to bark, he also has been known to attack the vacuum, broom and even trash cans while on a walk.

Not only is he cute, he is also funny when he’s not being lazy! One of Crunch’s favorite things to do is suck on his stuffed animals. He loves to play fetch and also chew on kongs.

Crunch is very strong on a leash and needs an experienced Bulldog owner who understands the breed. He would also do best in a home without young kids. There are some minor medical issues that will be explained upon your approved application. But bottom line, he will melt your heart!! ❤️


Look at this beauty! Athena was found back in August running on the hwy., no one ever claimed her. Please read entire post before applying for adoption.

Athena is a 53 lb. Akita mix and is around 1 year old. She has the sweetest personality and is probably the biggest snuggle bug ever! She loves being inside but enjoys being outdoors and would love an active family to take her on walks/hikes as she has a lot of energy!

She seems good with other dogs and cats so far. She does react some to small yappy dogs, but nothing bad. She does have a little separation anxiety, but seems to be able to self soothe herself. She needs a home with a very secure yard and taller fence as she is a little Houdini and will escape.

She is a little hesitant of new people, especially men, but warms up quickly and then loves all of the attention and pets. She seems to love kids too!

She needs an experienced owner who knows the Akita breed.

Athena is very playful and her breed has some traits that could be mistaken as rough. She loves putting her foster parents wrist in her mouth when she is walking. This is very common with her breed and should not be taken as aggressive. Because of this, we feel she needs a home without young children.

Athena will keep you smiling and laughing with her funny personality. If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out our MHS K9 Adoption Application.