The Mountains' Humane Society, like all volunteer organizations, continually needs community involvement and assistance. We do not receive any government funding, nor do we get "trickle down" funding from the Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends, ASPCA, PETA, etc...  We rely solely on public support from you to exist. All donations are fully tax deductable and we will gladly provide a receipt.

Can you help Mountains' Humane Society with any of the following?


  • Become a member of the MHS or renew your membership. Membership gives you a card that you can show to local merchants for discounts.For an applications click on the application icon on the right of this page.
  • Volunteer for us at the Mountain Thrift Shoppe in Blue Jay.  Just one 3 hour shift per week will help us tremendously. Call us at (909) 337-6422 for more details.
  • Share your home and love by fostering a homeless pet for us. We have no animal shelter in the area, so we rely on foster homes. When we don't have enough foster homes, then sadly, animals get sent down to the shelters where they are exposed to disease and the risk of euthanasia.
  • Donation of goods are always welcome: canned or dry foods, dog chews, stainless steel food bowls, clumping cat litter, sleeping beds/pads, small litter boxes, paper towels, cat carriers, kennels, cat & dog toys, leashes and collars, piddle pads, cat litter deodorizers and kitty condo/furniture/Scratching posts are items that we can always use!!
  • Utilize your people skills, we need people to do follow-up phone calls for us.
  • Become a hands-on volunteer sharing your expertise, knowledge or lending a hand at events.
  • Dollar Donations of all sizes are always welcome and needed. We are a non-profit group of volunteers and we rely fully on donations to keep our programs running.
  • Donations of goods for our Rummage sales.  Items large and small; if it can sell easily, we will gladly come evaluate and pick up items that we can sell at our
    Rummage sales!
  • Humane Educators- Once per year we visit grade schools and educate kids on pet responsibility.
  • Business zoned property/location.  We currently have no physical location to work from. Do you have an empty office or building that you would like to have occupied? 

If you can help us out in any of the above ways, please give us a call (909) 337-6422 and leave a message for Karin or e-mail us at mountainshumanesociety@hotmail.com