Annual Events:

Blue Jay Parade

Each Autumn, The Community of Blue Jay presents their annual Christmas Parade. The Mountains Humane Society volunteers, members and its four-legged friends can be seen parading in this fun event. All MHS members are invited and welcome to walk with us each year.

Forest Festival

Sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and the Mountains Group Sierra Club.  Visit booths from various organizations and groups on our mountain.

Fourth of July Old Fashioned Community Picnic

Sponsored by the Rim of The World Historical Society at the San Moritz baseball field. Games for the kids, contests, live entertainment and vendor booths. No admission charge, bring a picnic lunch or you can purchase food there.


"Home For the Holidays" - A Campaign To Find Homes For Pets.

As the autumn holiday season arrives normal attention is drawn to family and away from needy dogs and cats. During this season all pet loving organizations and shelters work hard to promote adoptions. Remember that loving, loyal pets are also a part of our families, and make a great new member to yours. Home for the Holidays begins Nov. 6th and ends Jan. 1st.

Jamboree Days

Each Summer, The Community of Crestline presents their annual Jamboree Days and Parade. The Mountains Humane Society volunteers, members and its four-legged friends can been seen parading in this fun event, and at our booth where we answer your questions or assist you with issues relating to the many helpful services that the MHS provide. All MHS members are invited and welcome to walk and/or help out in our booth - see you there.

Market Night

Friday nights all Summer long at Lake Arrowhead Village.

MHS Adoption Day

If we have an adoptable pet that you have been considering, this may be your chance to meet that pet in person. If you want to be pre-approved, e-mail us for an application. Adoption fees of $95 for dogs and $75 for cats help cover the vaccination and spay/neuter costs for your new pet. Please stop by - your new best friend just may be waiting for you!

MHS Benefit Diner

The largest fund-raising event of the Mountains Humane Society is our Benefit dinner and auction. All proceeds received from this event help support MHS's non-profit organization throughout the year - allowing us to promote animal welfare, fostering, adoptions, animal awareness, spay/neuter/vaccination education and many other programs that benefit our mountain communities. The evening provides a wonderful buffet dinner, musical entertainment; a silent and live auction of fabulous donated items from local businesses, members, friends and organizations that share MHS's concern for our local animals. This is a great night of fun and a wonderful opportunity to show your support for the MHS and our locals animal population.

MHS Monthly Meeting

As a non-profit organization, the Mountains Humane Society uses our required formal monthly meeting to keep our members and the local community informed as to the exciting progress that we are making in the health and welfare of our animal citizens. We welcome you to come and find out about the MHS, provide us with your suggestions or concerns, or talk with us about the many opportunities available for your to volunteer or support our organization.

MHS Rummage Sale

Held several times each year, our rummage sales provide additional financial support to the Mountains Humane Society. Whether you have items to donate or are interested in acquiring that "hard to find item", we invite you to participate in these fund-raising events.

MHS Education Presentations

The Mountains Humane Society is delighted to be able to provide educational lectures to the public. The topic choices may vary to provide interesting presentations suited for a variety of audiences. Please contact the MHS if your class, school, club or organization wishes to learn more about the MHS or domestic pet care.

Mountain Top Days

Sponsored by the Community of Running Springs, this carnival-like, two-day event provides our local mountain a weekend of fun.  For more info, call the chamber at (909) 867-4775

National "Adopt A Cat Month"

June is the month that thousands of animal welfare agencies celebrate this event. In late spring to early summer there are a tremendous amount of kittens born and handed over to these animal care and animal control organizations. New homes are greatly needed during this time of year. Your are urged to adopt a cat yourself or encourage a friend to do so. Dogs may be considered to be "mans best friend", but a cat can have a human-like personality unlike any other. Please take a look at our adoptable cats by clicking on ADOPTIONS on the blue bar at the top of this page.

National "Adopt A Dog Month"

October is the month that dogs are celebrated and adoptions emphasized. Adding a new canine member to your family at this time of the year will ensure that there is no shortage of love during your holiday season and the years to follow. Your are urged to adopt a puppy or dog and see for yourself that a Dog truly is "man's best friend".

National "Animal Shelter Appreciation Week"

In 1996 The HSUS launched this annual event to recognize the indispensable role that all animal shelters play in maintaining the safety and health of a community, for all of its residents. Whether it's controlling a dog roaming at large, rescuing an injured cat, or bringing a lost animal home, professionals at your local animal shelter work hard to help both animals and your community.

National "Be Kind to Animals Week"

Held in May each year, this event unites animal shelters, animal societies, businesses and citizens to promote love and kindness of our fury friends nationwide. Although there is a strong focus during this week, remember to keep this care for our pets throughout the year. There are many fun and educational events scheduled during this week for the public and animal lovers. Visit the National Humane Society's website for great ideas on how to join in and make a difference in a pet's life.

National "Dog Bite Prevention Week"

Over 4.7 million Americans receive dog bites each year. While these range from minor nips to major attacks, this problem can be prevented in most cases through a little education and common sense. Click this website link to learn how you can avoid becoming accidental dog bit victim.

National "Feral Cat Day"

Feral cats live together in colonies, and unless spayed or neutered, their numbers grow. Tomcats prowl for mates, females become pregnant, and the cycle of reproduction continues. This day was declared to raise awareness of the "feral cat" problem within the United States by the Alley Cat Allies (ACA) - to promote the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to reduce the growing wildcat population. Cats and kittens that are placeable are given good loving homes, while those cats preferring the wild are returned to where they were found, to be looked after by caring neighbors. This program assists immensely in providing stray cats better lives while reducing a nationwide problem. For more information about Feral cats, please visit    If you have a feral cat/colony near you, please call us for trapping, spay/neutering available to you.

National "Homeless Animal Day"

This day falls on the third Saturday in August each year. The International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) established this day and candlelight vigils to publicize the cat and dog over-population issues that face this country. The majority of people in America have no idea about the number of these animals that are euthanized each year. This event helps promote public awareness of this tragic problem - a problem that you can help prevent, simply by having your own pet spayed/neutered.


National "Pet Tag Day"

Results of a 1996 study conducted by the National Council on Pet population Study and Policy organization found that around 1,000,000 dogs and 580,000 cats were taken in as strays - with only 17% of dogs and 2% of cats being returned to their owners and homes. This tragic number of lost animals could be prevented if only the animals had I.D. Tags. Don't take the chance of loosing a beloved member of your family this way. Pet Tags only cost a few dollars and can help reunite you pet with you should it get lost.


National "Pet Week"

Celebrated for over fourteen years, this event promotes: responsible pet ownership; communicates the value of pets for people and people for pets; raises awareness of the importance of animal health professionals and related services; and increases public awareness of the role, value and contribution to society of working companion animals.

National "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

This day is "Take Your Dog To Work Day", cause everybody needs a little paws at work. This day was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999 with the sponsorship of iams corp. to call attention to the wonderful companions dogs make and encourage pet adoptions from animal shelters and animal humane societies. Every June, dogs, owners and co-workers have the opportunity to bond with each other in the workplace.


National "Pet Adopt-A-Thon"

June 24th starts the 36-hour Pet Adopt-A-Thon with the goal of finding good homes for animals. Communities, organizations and shelters all join in to promote adoptions. Success continues to grow as a result of all these national efforts.


Spay Day USA

Spearheaded by the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1995, its purpose is threefold: To raise public awareness of America's dog and cat overpopulation problem; To promote spay/neuter surgery as a primary means of addressing this overpopulation; and To inspire each humane American to take personal responsibility for preventing surplus births. Animal societies, veterinary clinics, businesses and concerned citizens all promote this event countrywide.