We reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone

When we place an animal for adoption, we hope to find a home that will last a lifetime and create a loving bond between pet and owner. You will be required to fill out an application that will enable us to find the right pet for you. We also visit your home to ensure that this will be a perfect fit for both you and the pet. We put a lot of love and time into our animals, and we strive to get the best home possible for them. We apologize in advance if our final decision disappoints you.


Why adopt from Mountains' Humane Society?

Our animals are already spayed/neutered, are current on vaccinations. Dogs are heartworm tested and are micro-chipped.  Cats have been tested for FLA virus. We ask for a $175.00 donation for dogs and a $75 donation for cats which includes a free local Veterinarian office visit, a folder of valuable information about your pet, a DVD to help you and your new pet adjust, and a goodie bag of treats and toys. Our adoption donation is quite a bargain if you add up the costs of everything we include. 



How to adopt from Mountains' Humane Society?

During the "good weather" months, we have adoption days throughout our mountain communities at which times most of our listed animals can be seen at our mobile adoption unit.  Please refer to our adoption dates, locations and times on the Home or Calendar pages of this website.

The first step in our adoption process is filling out an application.  You can download our application from this page, just below.



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K9 Adoption Application


Feline Adoption Application



There are three ways that you can return your completed application to us.


1. Download it, fill it out, reattach to an email and email it to us at


2. Print it out, fill it out and fax it to us at (909) 337-6677


3. Print it out, fill it out and mail it to us at


P.O. Box 452

Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Gingerale is a petite tabby with unique colors, she is a red/brown tabby. The vet estimates she was born Jan. 2010.  She seems to prefer ladies over men, and she is loving, yet playful. She is mischevious and has been known to give love bites on the chin/cheek areas. She does not get along with other cats, and would be happy as an only kitty.
Kiki was born 7/16/07. She is almost all black except for a little round patch on her chest. At first she is timid, but once she knows you and is comfortable in a new home, she is affectionate and playful. She gets along with other cats and is best buddies with Ebony. Wouldn't you like to double your fun and love and adopt Kiki and Ebony together?
Gazebo was abandoned outside to fend for herself. She survived a freezing winter and a few days after her rescue, she gave birth to 7 kittens. Gazebo is a very affectionate cat who is longing for a safe, forever home where she can be loved and cherished as she deserves. Please give us a call for more info. 
Elizabeth was born 10/19/09, She is more of a lapcat than a player. She has been in the same foster home since she was a few weeks old, so moving to a new home will take lots of patience and time for her adjustment.
Bruno was born approx. Sept 2013. He is a min-pin and is looking for a unique home for his unique needs. Bruno would be best as an only pet, with a single owner in a home with no children. He gets very protectives of his owner, has food aggression and marks the house. So an experienced adopter is needed for Bruno.
Candy is one of Gazebo's kittens. She was named Candy because she is just so sweet. A complete love bug who will follow you from room to room waiting for you sit down and snuggle.  If you would live more info about Candy or any of her siblings, please contact us!
Gabriella was born 4/5/2012.  Her mother was a stray who was badly emaciated, but gave life birth to 5 kittens. Gabriella is the only survivor of her litter. Due to the emaciation of her mother, Gabriella has a low immune system. She has had a herpes outbreak once, and the vet warns that this is something that could happen throughout her life. It is an inconvenience, there is no cure, but it is a treatable issue. She is very sweet, gentle and likes to cuddle. She can be skittish with new surroundings, but warms up very quickly to her new owner.   Gabriella likes to sit on shoulders and be nearby for cuddling.
Pear and Guppie are mother & son looking for a forever loving home together. They get along with other dogs and are great with kids.
Taffy is one of Gazebo's kittens. She is as sweet as her name indicates. She loves cuddles and falls asleep in your arms even when carried. If you would like more info about Taffy, her mom or any of her 6 siblings, please give us a call!